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>> i hope you checked your calendar. it is love your wife day in japan. watch. [ yelling ] >> it's more like scare your wife day. it's a long explanation, but you get the point. have a great day, i'm megan, and here's shepard. >> we're following lots of breaking news today. there's a shooting going on in phoenix, three people are said to be shot. and the syrians are claiming that the israelis have dropped a bomb. and there's something going on all day. a police update to come as a six-year-old child is still believed to be in the hands of a
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potentially very dangerous gunman. it appears that this man is still holed up with this child in an underground bunker nearlyiday after the standoff first unfolded. according to the reports, this guy stormed a school bus in midland city, alabama, two hours south, and the gunman tried to go for two, but when the driver refused to let the kid go, the man shot him several times and took the six-year-old boy with him and left for a bunker that's apparently beneath his house. that bus driver was dead. and a neighbor says that the bus driver had visited the map's home the day before the shooting and he had brought the man eggs and something for some kind of repair work he had done. the neighbors call him combative
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and paranoid, but here's what they told fox news yesterday. >> we have evacuated the immediate area around where the location is, and we have worked very hard to keep information flowing, but again, the res is our number one priority is the safety of the child. >> the kidnapped child, the six-year-old boy had special needs, and overnight, the team was able to send medication to him down a pvc pipe. they're talking through the pipe and communicating with the gunman. again, he's underground, believed to be holed up with the child. and elizabeth is on-site there with the child. and elizabeth, what are the neighbors saying about his reputation? >> the neighbors say that they live in constant fear of this alleged perpetrator. he listens in a metal storm shelter and he spends countless
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hours digging the shelter, the underground bunker that he speaks about. one called his land something like candy land with mazes and paths. he allegedly killed a neighbor's dog with a lead pipe because he said that the dog was getting too close to his home. and that's before completing his underground bunker this week. listen. >> he has a metal bunker that he has had for awhile. and he has run pvc piping within the last month that comes out and sticks into the roof. and it's about this high off the ground. >> other neighbors say -- say -- shepard. >> in the last hour, the media has been moved back and looked
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like authorities were coming out of there, and what's up? >> in fact, we were just moved from our location. an hour and a half ago, there was a sniper. and he walked into the woods behind me, and 30 minutes after that, we saw two swat teams come down the hill. you said we were waiting for a press conference, and so far the officer has not given us any information, and hasn't confirmed the identity of this man or the identity of the six-year-old boy who is inside of that bunker, and they won't address any speculation on whether he has his medication or whether they have food and supplies in the bunker. so we're constantly waiting for information, shep, and as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. >> there's further breaking news. police confirmed three people shot at an office complex in arizona and that shooter is sil
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on the loose. some video from glendale, suburb of phoenix, and witnesses described complete panic. several live gunshots and people screaming, and people running to lock themselves in office. trace gallagher has more this afternoon. >> reporter: in fact, one of the witnesses, shep, who called 911, said that she locked herself in the office, and she could hear the screams on the other side of the door along with the gunshots, and a witness saw at least two people lying on the ground outside of the building, and now there's the thought that maybe the shooting happened in s mortgage and title office inside of this three story building. keep in mind, you have law offices and medical offices and other offices inside of the building, but now we're reporting that the shooter fled the scene in a white suv, and he's still on the run. this is not a random shooting. the suspect went in and was
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targeting someone but opened fire on several people. the police have converged on this home now in phoenix, it's about seven miles away from the actual shooting scene. and they believe this is the home of the suspect, and the police believe they know who that suspect s he's not home. you can see the boat is in front, and the swat teams are around the house, but there is somebody inside the home, shep, that they're talking to, and what they're waiting for is a search warrant to arrive on the scene so they can go inside and try to find more information about this suspect. six people, we're told, are taken to the hospital. three people shot. extremely critical condition, and one of them because of trying to flee the scene, and one because of stress, and they're focusing on the home and the man the suspect, and he's a
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white male, believed to be in his early 60s. as we get more, we'll get back to you. >> it sounds like they know who did it, but do they know why? >> they don't have a motive, but they don't believe it was random. again, it was a mortgage and title office, and he walked in the building knowing who he was going after. and it's unclear if one of the victims was the vend intended target or the intended target. and again, he fled the scene, and they know who the person is, and they good night the information at the scene because it was only 45 minutes to an hour after the shooting that the police arrived at the house, and that's where they focused the second part of the investigation. but the swat team is still going around the three story complex drinking to clear it. and they don't believe that the shooter is still on the scene.
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>> we'll have a member of the police department on in a few minutes, but first, another breaking story, and this was breaking as we were downstairs in the newscast. and there was a gasp in the press room that the israeli military has bombed a site inside of syria, near the palace of the president's regime in damascus. we're getting this from the israeli news agency, but according to reuters, an israeli jet attacked a syrian convoy as they were attempting to transport weapons back to hezbollah. the convoy was carrying antiaircraft and weapons. and he said this is israel's warning to the president and his
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regime that they will not tolerate any weapons for israel's destruction. if this happened, it's certainly an escalation. and there's some degree of confusion around this. >> it is, and before we talk about this at all, we have to remember, we're dealing with one government, the israelis, that never admit some of this action that they carry out and we're dealing with another government, the syrians, who habitually lie. we have to look at all of this. two reports, the first that this convoy, carrying amount i aircraft weapons, was struck near damascus to beirut highway, near the border, and that seems to be the most reliable sources talking about that particular attack. and then the syrian state tv has announced that no, this was in
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fact an attack on a military research center in the suburb of damascus. that's what they're saying has happened. and the israelis as i said, not of confirming or denying any of this. but any expert you talk to, shep, will tell you this is about hezbollah in lebanon. and they are saying they won't allow the transfer of any dangerous weapons to hezbollah in lebro lebanon. this is the beginning, and if hezbollah launches any counter strike, then the israelis will go in hard indeed. >> i was going to ask you if the state department and beyond is saying if syria might be in the position to do this? >> syria seems to want to transfer weapons, and there's a lot of feeling that president hasad is allowing them to come
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into syria and take caches of weapons and take them back, and this is what everybody is feeling here. that this is all evolving into complete chaos. and as hezbollah wants to protect their interests, israel wants to protect there's. >> we're watching more news in the south, tornadoes pushing their way across the country, in the mid south and all the way up to the great lakes, and now it's moving east. the danger is not over. and we'll go for the update. and we're following three breaking stories. this is the one in alabama where apparently a man is holed up with a six-year-old boy after killing a bus driver. we're waiting for an update. but there's a sniper in there, and we don't know the condition of the child. and new developments from
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arizona where an office shooting has happened. we expect to have police on the line about that. and we're waiting on the israeli and syrians, whatever that is. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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>> shep: 14 minutes past the hour, and coverage of a shooting that's happened in phoenix. on the phone with tommy thompson, and thank you. >> hello, shepard. >> shep: tell our viewers, if you would. >> what transpired here? at 10:30, an office building on 16th street. and we believe it wasn't a random act. but they got into an altercation with an individual. he in turn shot three people. and one of them was transported from here in extremely critical condition, and the other two
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were transported with non-life-threatening injuries. we believe that man then left the scene, and at this point, our investigators are in the process to identify and locate that individual. >> shep: now, we have pictures of some of your officers near a home or at a home that's near there, and i understand that's believed to be the home of a per of interest, but that person of interest isn't home, is that right? guest: well, at this point, we're in the process of checking out any leads that we may have. we have victims as well as witnesses to give us any information, so internship, the limited description we have is the suspect is a white male, possibly older, and that's who we're looking for at this point. >> shep: any idea this happened? who started it or why? guest: no, we don't, and that's one of the questions that certainly our investigators will be trying to find an answer to.
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and those are the questions we always have when someone is involved in a shooting, and why this happened. but at this point, it doesn't believe that it was necessarily a random act. the individual may or may not have been known to these individuals, but he came here for a reason. and gunfire, and he fired four shots. >> shep: sergeant, appreciate it, thank you. well now to the severe weather outbreak that has sparked tornadoes and intense storms, and now is related to the death of at least two people. amateur video out of northwest georgia. would you look at that thing? parts of i-75 shut down as the tornado ripped through the area and overturned dozens of cars. the newspapers reporting that the tornado leveled a manufacturing plant. they have a reporter en route right now. we have janice on from the
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weather center. saying this is going to be bad, and sure enough. >> that locks like an april tornado. and late january, it's not typical. we have the severe weather, all the way up to new jersey and pennsylvania, and down to the panhandle of florida, anywhere in between. the area that's going to be the bulls eye for tornadoes is going to be across georgia and parts of south carolina. we have one tornado watch until 8 p.m., and is a number of the cells have been tornadic at times. right now, none of them showing any significant signs of rotation, and that's good news. a little bit of weakening possible. though we have enough instability and warm air that we'll see tornadoes in the afternoon ahead of this. right now, atlanta getting pommeled with very very rain, and we're going to see a lot of very heavy rain >> shep: do you think it will keep itself together and go all the way to the east coast?
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>> yes, look what the future radar does with this storm. you see the pop-up in front of the mainline of storms that could being a better chance for tornadoes. go through the afternoon and the evening, and it's gone out of here by midnight tonight. when i replay this, for areas off to the north, because we'll be seeing it in the mid-atlantic and the northeast as well. looking at the storms, very heavy rain, and it's that line that moves through in the overnight hours, it's going to cause all kinds of problems in dc and new york. by 9:00 in the morning, we have rain down behind here, and after that, we have the rain that comes in. and very heavy snow. >> shep: rick, thanks lot. and continuing coverage of breaking news out of syria. the syrians are reporting that israel has launched a strike on targets near damascus. this is new now, and the u.s.
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officials have just commented on this, and we'll get to those comments in a moment. and plus, a surfer may have broken the world record, have you seen this? catching the highest wave ever. how is that possible? this is the wave and that's the surfer. see the tiny little guy in the middle of the screen there? they say it's a 100-foot tall wave. are you out of your mind? breaking news and that coming up.
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thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> shep: there is new breaking news on fox news channel, new breaking news, and this comes from san say that an explosion at a hotel near sea world has injured some. it happened a short time ago,
12:25 pm
the heritage inn in sea world. and it's not clear. an explosion inside of a hotel near san diego sea world. three people injured, one of them serious, and we'll have updates as they come in. and the israeli military has apparently bombed targets inside of syria. state tv broke the news, and nower officials are speaking on this matter. john hunt has the update. >> they were talking about strikes, state tv said that it was a strike on a research center near damascus. and others said it was a convoy carrying weapons from syria to lebanon. that is the one that u.s. officials in lebanon are camping. a strike an truck believed to be carrying antiaircraft missiles. they are not confirming whether there was another strike near
12:26 pm
damascus. it's good to point out that want u.s. and syria are in constant communication over what to do with the chemical weapons in the last months. but barack, the out doing defense minister, made an unscheduled visit to the pentagon after he had his farewell visit back in november. it's not sure if these are the actions but it was the reported incident at the time. >> shep: at this time, we don't know what this is, or whether the sirrians will retaliate. now, what may be the coolest picture of the day, a breaking news day, we'll settle with this. a lucky surfer caught a monster wave this week, and may have shattered his own record. it's just incredible. the wave estimated 100 feet. roughly the height of a 10 story
12:27 pm
building. if the guinness team verifies that number, the surfer will have broken his own record he said in 2011. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good, getting ready to sit down for dinner. >> a 100-foot wave? >> i don't know, it was definitely a huge wave, but as far as the measure being, i have no idea. i just love to surf, and i'm not in charge of measuring >> shep: i wonder what it's like to have something like that. in the middle of what is your passion, and all of a sudden, here you have this incredible thing going on. >> yeah, it was just so much power, and right in front of the rocks, so so dangerous, and if i
12:28 pm
had gotten swept into the rocks, i wouldn't be alive, so i'm just thankful to be alive. >> shep: there's a lot of risk in this, and how does your feature feel about that? guest: my wife is at ease and nothing phases her, and at the end of that ride, i kicked out right by the rocks, and it was the first time that she was really afraid and concerned and wanted to look away. >> shep: what does it feel like with all of that power above you? this is what you wait for and this is why you go, but when it comes, can you describe that feeling? >> the ride, it was so powerful and moving so fast. and the bumps and the moguls, it was like riding a giant mountain of ice, with big moguls everywhere, so you're just trying to work on getting through it. so i kicked out at the end and my partner came to grab me, and then the wave mowed him over and
12:29 pm
mowed me over, and by the grace of god it let me go and didn't slam me on the rocks. it feels alive, and feels amazing >> shep: it's an incredible picture. garrett mcnamara, the surfer who hit a 100-foot wave. breaking news out of alabama, the child being held hostage by a gunman in basically a tomb -- what do they call it? a bunkish under his home. we talked to an alabama legislature, and they said that the child got medication, and the child is able to watch tv. so i guess this man uses this bunker -- i don't know what he uses it for. but he killed a bus driver, and has stolen the child and put him beneath the earth. and they have been holed up for
12:30 pm
24 hours. we have spoken to the authorities. a commercial break, and the top of the news on a very busy news day.
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>> shep: well, it's one of those days when news keeps breaking, there has been an earthquake and a strong one in central chile. a 6.7 on the scale. and that's all we know so far. and they decided not to issue a
12:34 pm
sunami warning because the conditions with are not warranted. we'll have more as that comes in. confirming that israelis have indeed attacked a convoy of syrians. they attacked a military dom plex near damascus. as we reported earlier, the diplomat said that they bombed a convoy intended to transfer weapons to hezbollah near lebanon, and connor, why attack syria now? >> reporter: well, shepard, they have been afraid that weapons could fall into the hands of militants or hezbollah.
12:35 pm
so with the fear that the hasad regime is crumbling, israel took out this convoy that was transporting sophisticated russian made antiaircraft missiles to hezbollah. we do not know where it happened, but it's reportedly inside of syria near the border, and the syrians are saying this is an attack in and around damascus. but u.s. officials are reporting that it happened near the border. but there have been reports in the last few weeks or so benefit the israeli officials that some sort of transfer of weapons was imminent and they are concerned about the chemical and conventional weapons that could fall into the hands of hezbollah. >> shep: are they worried about how syria will respond? >> so far syria has condemned
12:36 pm
the attack, but syria and iran have an alliance, and iran said that any attack on syrian soil would be an attack on iran. but so far neither syria or iran have responded. but we're entering a new and very dangerous stage in middle east conflicts if weapons are being transferred, this could be a big development and not one for the better >> shep: it could be a game changer for the israelis. this out of arizona, cops searching for the gunman who opened fire in an office complex and shot three people. and trace gallagher has more. >> outasked about a motive at the top of the show, shep, and we heard from the cbs affiliate in phoenix, and this could be a legal dispute, we thought it was the title office, buff apparently there was a legal
12:37 pm
office inside of that building, and that could be the focus of this, and after that mediation meeting, the suspect grabbed the gun and opened fire. but there were three separate scenes, and one of them said to be in extremely critical condition. the suspect's home is about 7 miles from the crime scene, and now the police have talked to a relative who lives inside of this home, and the suspect is not there, and they are waiting for a warrant to arrive so they can go inside to search the home and look for more clues. on top of this, a third suspect, smack dab in the middle of doubt phoenix and it's at an office building. with the first, they thought he had wanded downtown and they were looking for him. but this is somehow tied to the legal office in the first building.
12:38 pm
they had two law offices and this may be the second one. but it stands to reason, if they know where the suspect lives, they likely know what he's driving, and that would help them apprehend him. at last check, he was driving a white suv, and we know he's a man, said to be in his 60s, and he has been on the run for the better part of 2 hours 40. as we get more, we'll bring it to you >> shep: on capitol hill, gabby giffords called on americans to pass tougher gun laws. she was a surprise witness at the hear. since newtown, connecticut, that left 26 dead, giffords was a victim of gun violence herself. and she pleaded with members of congress. >> speaking is difficult, but i need to say something important.
12:39 pm
violence is a big problem.. too many children are dying. too many children. >> the senate committee heard testimony from people on both sides of the gun battle. and the nrs said they should prosecute laws already on the books. >> it's a national disgrace. the fact is we could dramatically cut crime in this country with guns and save lives all over if we start enforcing the federal laws on the books. i'm talking about drug dealers and felons with guns, and they're not being forced. >> a bill to ban many types of assault style weapons, and put limits on high capacity magazines. mike is on capitol hill. and the question is, how much
12:40 pm
fire power does the average american need? >> reporter: that's the question, shep, does somebody need a clip that contains 100 bullets? some suggest that that would be low hanging fruit in terms of additional gun control measures, but not everybody agrees. >> she would clearly have an adequate ability to protect her family. >> how can you say that? you are a large man, and you are not a teenager, you're not a young matter who has a young child with her. >> shep: a lot of emotion today as people from both sides of the gun debite were on capitol hill talking about more that could be done, and there's a lot more that could be done in terms of mental health and in general in our society, shep.
12:41 pm
>> shep: fox news may give her more encouragements, and it says 54% of those surveyed favor banning assault rifles, and when asked about that issue, they said there would be unintended consequences. >> i'm holding in my hand a pistol. under this proposed legislation, if this piece of plastic, this military grip were attached to this rifle, today suddenly become a banned assault weapon. >> reporter: so a lot of emotion on capitol hill. the first of many hearings on gun violence, and everybody is watching and waiting to see what other kinds of legislation that senator patrick leahy, the
12:42 pm
chairman, might come up with, but at this point, it's too soon to say which direction he might go >> shep: thanks, and for the first time in three years, our economy shrank in the last three months of last year. that was unexpected, the markets were a lit aloof for awhile, but look where they're standing now. as you can see. we'll continue to cover breaking news on studio b. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good.
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>> shep: the country, the economy shrank for the first time since last year, and it has taken economists by surprised. it slowed down 3.2% from the last quarter. and they are blaming a drop in exports, and factories shutting down after supe super storm san,
12:46 pm
and weighing down on the economy, the slowdown raising concerns about the ongoing recovery. jerry is with us, and you were saying a few minutes ago that it's hard to see the retraction. >> we haven't seen that since 1977, in a single quarter, the economy shrank. and not continuing in the trend. consecutive quarters is a recession, and that's the technical term that people go by. we had federal spending shrinking and falling and that hurt, and of course there are other issues. people worried about what the government was going to do, and congress was going to do. >> shep: less government spending, austerity, which is not going anywhere. and those who are arguing for
12:47 pm
that might look at that and go, wow, it's a recession. >> ond -- >> shep: there are two ways to a look at it, but i'm saying that's one thing,. guest: the other way is there's no money to employ people. >> shep: that would be. we do want to see people get back to work, but the federal reserve said they're going to keep on keeping on with what they're doing, and a two-day meeting, they say no change in interest rates. and you know, the markets didn't really react until they heard the leading much the decision, and heard the phrase, downsize risk remain. and they didn't like that. they started it off and that's why the markets are down about 15 points. you have to ask, pumping liquidity into the marketplace, and printing money, and it's a concern.
12:48 pm
john taylor from stanford said that federal policy is a drag on growth. we have an interest rate near 0, and why would you make a loan if you're a banker in >> shep: more trouble than it's worth. did you see this weather? in georgia, three people trapped in a damaged building after a tornado ripped through the area. and it overturned dozens of cars on i-75. that's according to the report from the atlanta newspaper. jonathan is our atlanta based correspondent and he's on the scene of this one in georgia. >> reporter: we're here on i-75 right now, which was shut down for much of the day in both directions. right now, we're looking at traffic and it appears they're able to route this traffic through this stretch of i-75, and it's moving, albeit extremely slowly. but you can imagine the gridlock
12:49 pm
with the traffic in both directions shut down for much of the day. a lot of damage, a confirmed tornado touched down and reported, and the fire chief says that a body was found in the wreckage, though the circumstances surrounding the death not immediately available. wherever we look, there are utility trucks responding to the scene, and in fact, we encountered roadblock after roadblock, police trying to keep people away as the utility crews try to restore the downed power lines. it's a very active situation here, shep. >> shep: well, jonathan, thanks. a u.s. senator minutes ago ago responding to what is now a growing scandal. up next, what he's saying about fbi agents raiding his friend's office in florida, and the senator responding to claims that he paid hookers for sex over and over and over again.
12:50 pm
and i told you about this explosion that happened near sea world in san diego. now we know how have. that's coming up.
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12:53 pm
>> shep: we reported earlier, at sea world, san diego, we know a man came out of that hotel, his entire body on fire. as he ran for the midway district hotel. here's what we learned about the motion. the authorities say they believe a drug lab had been set up inside of that hotel room. and then the guy comes out of there in flames. and the guy was cooking up drugs and it exploded, and it injured
12:54 pm
two other people besides the man on fire. and it blue out walls at the heritage inn on sports arena boulevard. here's the quote. he was on fire with flames coming from his head and body as he ran. that from james, a 43-year-old man, who saw the fireman running from the hotel, out. a potential scam in south florida. a doctor, a donor of the democratic new jersey senator, bob menendez. the reach is not officially clear whether it's related to unpaid taxes or accusations that the doctor gave improper benefited to senator. just minutes ago, senator menendez acknowledged that he did indeed travel on the doctor's plane, but says they were legal, and again, staffers
12:55 pm
say that the trips were legal. on the website, the daily caller, back in november, it published an interview with hookers in the dominican republic, saying that menendez paid them for sex at the mansion. and the senator denies those claims. pleaded guilty of give $20,000 in donations. he claims that he gave that money to charity. with us now, it looks like a lot of things are part-timing up on bob. guest: it looks like things are piling up on the senator, it is illegal to travel to another country, to have sex with someone under the age of 18, even if the sexual encounter there is lawful.
12:56 pm
prostitution is lawful in the dominican republic, but not with children under the age of 16. and so age here is very important. and as you pointed out, shep, the senator denies that he patronized prostitutes without getting into the issue of their age. and the other thing is, he traveled on this plastic surgeon's private jet. which occurred many types. the senator did this many times in two years. the resort is owned by two sugar barons, two brothers. and they have grow many acres of sugar. question, is the plastic surgeon or the sugar barren, did they influence any of the senator's votes? the other interesting thing is the involvement of the fbi. the fbi could be looking at independent critical behavior on the part of the physician, who provided the air flights, or he could be looking at the senator.
12:57 pm
we don't know. >> shep: wow, this will go fast, i betcha. he could be removed from the senate even if he's not convicted of a crime because it's a lot of evidence to be convicted of a crime. and little evidence to be kicked out of the senate. >> shep: we have an update on the hostage situation in alabama. a man kills a bus driver, companionships a 6-year-old boy and takes him into an underground bunker. the latest from the scene, after this.
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